24 has put two more on the payroll.

Jeffrey Nordling, who most recently played Brent Barrow on the FX sitcom Dirt, is joining the clock-ticking series as a regular, playing an FBI agent named Larry, per the Hollywood Reporter. He'll continue to appear on Dirt in a recurring role.

Nordling previously starred as Jake Manning on ABC's Once and Again from 1999 to 2002. His credits also include recurring roles on NBC's Providence and Fox's Melrose Place, as well as guest appearances on shows including CSI, Judging Amy and Crossing Jordan.

Also clocking in for a recurring role on the Fox drama is John Billingsley, most recently seen on ABC's short-lived series The Nine. Details on his character, Latham, have yet to be revealed.

Other new additions to the show for the upcoming seventh season include Janeane Garofalo as FBI systems analyst Janie Gold, an agent assigned to the team investigating the latest crisis befalling Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) & Co.

In July, Tony winner Cherry Jones was cast as the series' new commander in chief, with Colm Feore set to play her husband.

Production on the new season of 24 was recently delayed a second time in order to give writers more time to develop the story line.

Shooting is now due to commence Sept. 10.

大致信息:<流言>里的Jeffrey Nordling将在S7扮演FBI探员Larry,ABC短命剧<劫后新生>的老演员John Billingsley将扮演Latham,角色情况未知.另外,新剧集的进程再度延迟,目的是为了给编剧更多的时间来发展故事大纲.

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